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Folder Announcements, Info, & Ask Admin/Moderator  

Watch this forum for updates, announcements, maintenance schedules and more.
25 469
6/30/2018 at 04:14 PM
by Father Luke
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Folder New Member Introductions  

A great place to introduce yourself as a new member of the board, get to know folks, and let us know you're planning to stick around. Tell us how you found us, why you're here, what type of writing you like, and anything else you think we should know to get to know 'You'. Welcome aboard!
3796 4288
11/27/2021 at 02:17 AM
by IsabellVan
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Folder Share Your Writing Success Stories Here  

Here you can post your writing success story: Did you get a columnist assignment? Hired for a big job? Sold a high-paying article? Received an offer on a book deal? Did you get a particularly successful rejection? Whatever your idea of writing success is, This is the section where you can brag and share.
231 3362
1/16/2021 at 11:59 AM
by Skwerly
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Folder General Writing Discussion  

Discussion of writing separated by popular writing genres, to make it easier to discuss and find only the type of writing style and genre in which you're interested. Just hover your mouse over the genre in blue below, and it will underline the genre and then click to go to the sub-forum. Enjoy.

Sub-Forums: ~Crime/True Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery~, ~Poetry & Prose~, ~Romance~, ~Short Stories & Flash Fiction~, ~Children / Tween~, ~Chick Lit / Woman's Fiction~, ~Young Adult~, ~Fantasy / Science Fiction~, ~Horror~, ~Memoir / Autobiography~, ~Article Writing, Print Publications (not online)~, ~Blogging~, ~Everything Else~
830 6952
6/29/2021 at 08:33 AM
by ipobofibewiup
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Folder Online Article & Content Writing Discussions  

Online writing, with titles and keyword density that differs from print publication, is a newer genre of writing that takes a bit of adjustment for seasoned writers. Simply forget everything they taught you in English in high school, and step into one of our sub-forum for online content and article writing discussions to learn how it's done.
1098 12060
4/20/2016 at 01:12 AM
by Michy
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Folder Article & Nonfiction Paying Writing Leads  

Verified paying freelance writing leads, print and online magazine writing gigs, anthology submissions, or other verified paying writing jobs and/or assignments or publishers/markets accepting open submissions, pitches or queries. NO CRAIGSLIST JOBS! You will never find a headhunter, fee-charging employer here. If there is an issue with any job, let Michy know, and she will investigate and remove the posting as necessary. (Jobs that are no longer available will be archived - if it's listed, it should still be open.)
439 1196
2/24/2021 at 06:48 PM
by Michy
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Folder Fiction & Creative Nonfiction Paying Writing Leads  

Verified leads for paying fiction or creative nonfiction writing assignments, publishers or publications for fiction writing, other than submitting novel manuscripts. These may include fiction magazines, websites, ezines, newsletters or anthologies seeking fiction or creative nonfiction writing and who pay writers in exchange for their writing.
281 643
3/27/2021 at 05:42 PM
by Michy
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Folder Poetry Paying Writing Leads  

Finding paying leads for poetry publication isn't easy, but it's not impossible. Accentuate helps make it a little easier by posting all paying poetry publications we can verify here for your consideration.
37 90
12/16/2019 at 03:43 PM
by Michy
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Folder Writing Resources  

If you have a link for a resource that is helpful for writers and it doesn't fit in any other category, you can put it here with an explanation of what the link is about and why it benefits writers.
147 550
12/23/2019 at 09:12 AM
by Skwerly
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Folder Non-Paying Writing Leads  
Some writers decide they don't care as much about payment as they do about gaining a following and readership, so they don't mind submitting their writing to websites, publications and publishers that don't pay. If you are interested in submitting to non-paying markets, we're offering some legitimate non-paying leads for writing, both fiction and nonfiction, in this category. If you don't want to submit to a nonpaying market, simply ignore this forum, but allow it for those who choose otherwise.
11 14
12/26/2020 at 09:21 PM
by Michy
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Folder Free-Entry Writing Contests  

Find free-entry writing contests that give cash prizes. While these writing contests have been verified as legitimate and paying contests, please use discretion when entering any contest, and always read the guidelines, the fine print, and legal stuff to protect yourself and your copyright.
2 2
12/14/2019 at 03:43 PM
by Michy
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Folder Entry Fee Required Writing Contests  

While we've verified these contests are paying cash prizes, we make no judgment about the cost of the entry fee versus the prize award amount. Only you can decide if the cost is worth the payout, and if the prize is worth the investment of the fee. High-dollar fees should have very high-dollar prizes and/or should be prestigious enough to advance your career (think Pulitzer/National Book Award, etc.) Always make sure you're bringing in more than you're spending. Writing and winning writing contests shouldn't have worse odds than Vegas slot machines!
2 2
8/22/2020 at 07:47 PM
by Michy
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Folder Free-Entry Poetry Contests  

Poetry contests should actually have losers. No, really! Avoid poetry contests where the only publication is in a book you have to buy to see your poetry in print. Here, we offer contests that bring cash prizes and publication--and free copies of that publication too.
4 5
5/5/2021 at 08:59 AM
by Skwerly
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Folder Entry Fee Required Poetry Contests  

To enter or not to enter? that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to spend 20 bucks on a poetry contest that pays $25 for winning or never entering at all is really your choice. We simply offer a small selection of entry fee required poetry contest leads when we find them.
1 1
8/22/2020 at 07:58 PM
by Michy
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Folder Writing Grants, Residency & Awards  

While we do our best to verify all writing grants & contests are legitimate, please enter and submit at your own risk and do your homework before sending your work or personal information. Residencies usually require travel and an extended stay, so don't apply unless you can do that. Grants usually require certain activities be met, so read the guidelines carefully. Awards are contests without cash prizes, but with prestigious awards of 'value', either through training, education, experience, or monetary.
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Folder Writing Help, Spelling, Grammar & Eidting Editing Questions  

Post your editing, writing, grammar and punctuation questions here. From self editing, grammar reminders to understanding a publisher's submission guidelines--any question you may have for an editor or publisher about the process of writing and submissions and queries, someone here just might have the answer.
441 3222
12/30/2019 at 11:45 PM
by RobertArend
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Folder Submission, Proposal & Query Questions  

Ready to polish your proposal or gussy up your query and start submitting your manuscripts? Looking to query a magazine or a literary agent? This is the forum to discuss queries, proposals and submissions. Ask questions! Better to not know here and learn than to look like you don't know to a publisher or agent! Feel free to ask anything that you want to know directly from the insiders at traditional publishing houses, POD, and literary agents and representatives and we'll try to find the answers straight from someone in the know too.
57 404
12/23/2019 at 09:25 AM
by Skwerly
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Folder Writing Prompts  

When you're stumped, stuck, having trouble with writer's block, need motivation, or just want something to spark the writing bug, Here you'll find daily writing prompts to get the fingers moving! Better yet, you can share your own prompts to help get others moving their fingers too!

Sub-Forums: Start a Story/Finish a Story, Picture Writing Prompts
982 4031
8/12/2018 at 01:33 PM
by Michy
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Folder Writing Challenges  

Whether it's a personal challenge, a friendly challenge against fellow writers to spur everyone on, or one of the fun and exciting challenges we'll be sharing in this forum, this is the place for those who like a little motivation and accountability while writing!

Sub-Forums: ~Personal Writing Goals~, ~NaNoWriMo 2016~ , ~Let's All Finally Finish a Novel (LAFFN)~, ~NaNoWriMo 2008--2015 Archives~
140 3051
10/24/2016 at 11:04 PM
by Michy
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Folder Coffee Break (General Discussion)   

Kick back, enjoy your favorite wake-up or late-night drink of choice, and have fun visiting with fellow writers. This forum is for general discussion that's not about writing. Here, talk about anything else you want to discuss! (Please avoid overt adult content - we have a special forum for that. Just ask.)
476 3792
7/24/2021 at 11:03 AM
by isipemas
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Folder Take a Break from Writing & Have Fun  

We know writing is your life, and you never do anything if it's not for the love of the written word. However, should you ever take a walk outside the universes in your head, this is a fun place to share your favorite breaks for writing (or breaks from reality!)

Sub-Forums: Personal Journal, Quotes / Inspiration, Classifieds: FOR SALE, ~Fun Stuff / Jokes~
717 3296
2/24/2021 at 06:10 PM
by Michy
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  Forum: Topics: Posts: Last Post:
Folder Self-Publishing Information & Discussion  
Discussion and information about self-publishing both online and in print.
Sub-Forums: Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords Publishing & Distribution
80 651
10/12/2016 at 11:59 PM
by wongspelling
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Folder Promote Yourself & Promote Your Writing  

Post links to places where your work is published, where your work is sold, or where you can find more information about your writing or books. You can also post links to your blog, if your blog or your blog post is about writing (otherwise, put it in the blogging section of the board). Feel free to pitch your sale here!
1973 12033
9/3/2016 at 12:41 AM
by Michy
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Folder Author Marketing & Promotion Discussion  

Whether with a big publisher, a small publisher, or self publishing, knowing how to market yourself as an author--before and after publication--is important, but is also often overlooked by aspiring writers. In this forum, rookies can learn from veterans all about the tips and trips for marketing and promoting yourself as an author/writer.
67 913
9/12/2016 at 09:59 PM
by Father Luke
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Folder Book Marketing & Promotion Discussion  

So your book is published. It doesn't matter how it was published--trade, self, POD--all that matters is that now you have a book and you need to market and promote it. Learn from the veterans successes and mistakes, get ideas and build enthusiasm for what is often the most difficult part of writing a book: marketing it!
80 502
8/17/2018 at 09:10 AM
by Ken
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Folder Online Writing Promotion Discussion  

Learning to promote yourself and your writing online, while learning that thin line between marketing and spamming, can be fun when you're learning it with your fellow writers. Here, content writers can share their online tips for promoting pay-per-click and pay-per-view articles and content.
5 37
7/27/2021 at 03:25 AM
by arslanshanu
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Folder Books & eBooks for Sale  

So you have a book with your writing in it? A novel? An anthology? A collection? CONGRATULATIONS! Share a link to where we can buy it here! Authors support authors, and in this forum, we can do it in a very tangible way!
55 407
9/5/2015 at 03:50 PM
by Father Luke
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Folder Author Bios  

Talking about oneself in the third person and meeting a word count limit for each publication that is different isn't the easiest thing to do. Here, if you're talented enough to get published (and lucky too!), you can come here and hash out your author bio and get feedback and advice while doing so. Be creative, and show us who you are!
5 51
9/1/2014 at 11:29 AM
by itzrissa2u
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  Forum: Topics: Posts: Last Post:
Folder Agents & Publicists: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly  

There are fewer bad literary agents and agencies than there are good ones, but a bad one can sure stink up a writer's career. If you've had a good or bad experience with an agent or a publicist, let's hear about. Did your agent get you an awesome book deal or did he or she try to take you for a ride, and asked you to bring your checkbook with you? Maybe an agent gave you an excellent rejection (they do happen!), and you want to share it here. Be factual and honest, but most of all, be professional.
20 109
1/5/2016 at 09:27 AM
by Michy
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Folder Online Content Sites: Highs, Lows & Just So-So  

The online content writing sites are relatively new on the publishing scene. Did you get burned when one folded? Did they change the terms of service and steal all your money and/or content? Have you found one that is better than all the rest, with awesome editors? If you've had a good or bad experience with an online content sites or writing job boards, let's hear about it here. Give your writer friends a heads up, good or bad! Remember, be factual and honest--glowing praise without specifics appears spammy, and calling names and insults isn't professional. Tell us what happened and why your experience is either positive or negative.
62 601
12/28/2014 at 04:54 PM
by Michy
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Folder Publishers & Printers: POD, Self, Vanity, Trade--Oh, my!  

Who hasn't heard the PA horror stories? Is your publisher just the best, goes over and above ordinary to extraordinary? If you've had a good or bad experience with a publisher or printer, help protect your fellow writers or help lead them in the right direction. Give your writer friends a heads up, good or bad! Please keep it factual and honest--if it was bad, tell us why it was bad, and avoid name calling or anything that might tarnish your polished professional author image.
65 349
4/5/2017 at 10:51 PM
by Michy
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Folder Contests, Awards, Prizes: Questions, Concerns, Scams  

Did you find out the hard way that says everyone is a winner? Did you send in a large fee for a contest, only to find out you had to pay for your prize? We have a separate section for good contests here, so if you hear of a dud or have been taken by a bad writing contest, give us a heads up so no one else gets burned, and the bums don't get anymore money! Remember, be factual and honest, and above all, profession.
7 41
9/18/2013 at 09:00 PM
by flyingbird65
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