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Publishers Are Warming to Fan Fiction, But Can It Go Mainstream?

RobertArend - 2/25/2014 at 02:23 PM

Excerpt from the "Wired" article:

"Literary publishing’s uneasy relationship with fan fiction has been complicated by the realization that fandom is a huge potential market—one stocked with both prolific authors and enthusiastic readers. But tapping that market is a dilemma few publishers seem quite prepared to engage.

That’s where Big Bang Press ( ) comes in.

To Morgan Davies, Big Bang’s editor-in-chief, mainstream publishing’s difficulty tapping the fan market is a byproduct of its cultivated distance from fandom. “They know there’s something there, and they know they should be doing something about it, but they don’t really understand how it works,” Davies says. Most publishers who scout fanfiction, she says, simply look for popular works that can be repurposed as original novels–50 Shades of Grey, for example, started as a fan’s reimagining of Twilight.

Big Bang takes a different approach: Instead of trawling platforms like Archive of Our Own or Wattpad for stories, Davies decided to focus her search on authors: “We want to take people who have been writing a lot of fan ficiton and honing their writing talent, but who are interested in writing original stuff and clearly have the talent and ability to do so.”"
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