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Author: Subject: Ever given up on a writing project?
Jackie Barlow
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[*] posted on 5/18/2012 at 08:44 AM
Ever given up on a writing project?

I wanted to share my "Eyelashes Can be Strengthened and Moisturized" with you. Go to

Unfortunately, I have had nothing but problems with that new "Daily Glow" program, and I am about to give up on it. For one, I cannot get a photo to go into the article (in this one the manager did it for me when I gave him the link where I picked out the picture), the second problem is different reviewers on the same article and too many requests for revisions, and the third problem is an update they just did where you can't even post an article in there or even in Gather News (where I've written off and on) because of technical difficulties.

It goes against my grain to have to give up, but sometimes it just isn't worth the aggravation. I can usually overcome challenges, but these have gotten to be too much.


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[*] posted on 5/18/2012 at 01:37 PM

1. What browser do you use? Most sites out there today have zero issues with Chrome or Firefox, but folks who insist on living in 1992 and using Internet Explorer or AOL are going to have issues, not a doubt.

2. Yup, Iíve given up on several article sites. First, I hate doing them, for the most part. Iíd much rather blog or at least get paid big money for writing I donít want to do.

As far as fiction goes, no. I have half-finished novels that I havenít touched in forever, but I havenít given up on them. In fact, one of those two is being re-written at this time, bigger and better, as they say.

I have one pretty good short that Iíll get to Michelle for editing once Iím done with the current one. I refuse to give up on a fiction project.

Well, okay, if I wrote it way, way back in the day and it actually does suck, fine; I can shelve that thing without feeling guilty. But for something with even a little promise, youíll find me at the keyboard, improving away. :)

I seemed to be looking down from an immense height upon a twilit grotto, knee-deep with filth, where a white-bearded daemon swineherd drove about with his staff a flock of fungous, flabby beasts whose appearance filled me with unutterable loathing.

Just keep writing and the good stuff will come.
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[*] posted on 5/18/2012 at 02:01 PM

I've walked away from content sites for various reasons. Textbroker because the pay was bad. But mostly I just gave up on those writing projects so I'd have time to pursue my fiction.

I have a story that's been sitting dormant for a year or so that I'd like to get back to, not sure when I'll have the time. It's a YA novel. But I haven't given up on it.

Melissa Snark
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