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Author: Subject: I plead parent your honor...
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[*] posted on 2/22/2014 at 06:43 PM
I plead parent your honor...

So I've come to the conclusion that there is a third state of mental capacity that needs to be addressed.

Most are familiar with the terms sane and insane. I would like to submit parent as the third state of mental capacity.

If we take the definition of insane to be doing the same thing over and over expecting different results as true, and sane to be doing things in effort to acquire the desired result as true, then we must take it a step further and accept parent as doing things in every way possible and rarely ever acquiring the desired result as true. I will state my findings below and you can make your own decision as to whether parent has a valid grievance in this matter.

I have this expectation, and maybe it's wrong; that when a person gives reasonable instructions, the receiving party will follow them and complete the task. I'm not talking chop down a tree with karate chops here. Just a simple: put your wrappers in the trash when your done; wipe your ass when you take a dump, oh and flush the toilet(That's an important one too while we're on the subject); maybe put your dirty clothes in the hamper(I understand it's farther than your arm can reach but if you use those magical transportation appendages God gave you I promise you will be able to reach(and I call bullshit on the monster in the hamper, that was your sister and you should be embarrassed); And the legos, can we please put them on a non-walking surface, perhaps a table or a desk(yes those are non-walking surfaces if you didn't know from the previous 5,000 times I've told you) and if they are on the floor can we not cover them with dirty clothes(that should be in the hamper btw) like a fucking IED you midget terrorist in training.

Is that too much to ask. Am I insane for expecting these results? Because when I assign these simple tasks, I find my expectations are sorely ever met. Because even though they are simple direct tasks, they are rarely ever completed; and if they are(by some miracle) completed, it is with great care to create as much deviation and destruction as can be managed before completion. And so, in my infinite wisdom, I tried altering my ways and doing things differently in a sane attempt for different results. Much to my dismay, the results for different methods...i.e the reward system, the spanking system, the I'm taking all your stuff you little crap monkey system, and the I'm just going to cry because you are a wretched little shit hell bent on destroying any semblance of order and civil behavior I had hopes of maintaining system, have failed.

So in conclusion I have found that if insane and sane are both valid and accepted mental states, then the mental state of parent that combines both the elements of sane and insane must be the third valid and accepted mental state.

And so I plead parent your honor.

It's been a rough couple of years:crazy:
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