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Author: Subject: how to promote?
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[*] posted on 8/19/2016 at 08:28 AM
how to promote?

Hello All,

I have been writing for a long time and have self-published several books. While trying to figure out how to promote my books, a fellow self-published author suggested I create a website. So, I searched around and found an inexpensive site to begin building my site. I built a 4 page website. Page one has a brief bio and brings up my first question. I've written the bio in third person but am not sure if that is correct or if I should do it in first person. Any suggestions? The next two pages include the two areas in which I write. The last page has a small selection of reviews the books have gotten on Amazon and B&N. Now that the website is built, I really don't have a clue what to do next. I'd really appreciate any suggestions, hopefully ones that work. Please also take a look at the site I built and let me know what you think, either here or by sending a message through the site.

Thanks in advance.

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Father Luke
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[*] posted on 8/21/2016 at 02:55 AM

Iíll tell you what works for me.

1.) Write well.
2.) Write interesting.
3.) Carry product with you.

I do this on the internet. And I do this in real life. When people hear Iím a writer they invariably ask: ďOh. So, what have you written?Ē

Then I show them.

The problem isnít how to promote. I think the problem is what Iíve been taught to call:

ďThe Embarrassing MomentĒ

Wutsí Ďthe embarrasing moment? Thatís when you ask to be paid for your work.

See #ís 1 and 2 up there ^

So. What have you written?

Hereís mine:

Yes, I see. Of course.
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[*] posted on 9/3/2016 at 12:41 AM

You want to have a mailing list so you can update your readers on specials, upcoming events/signings, new releases, and more. Having a blog or somewhere you write regularly so you can constantly engage your readership is good--but you have to keep up with it regularly, at least weekly, preferably near daily.

You need to have an internet presence and make sure people know where and how to buy your book and make it as easy for them as possible to do so. Drop links where you can. make sure the links go directly to buy the book so they don't have to hunt around, that type of thing. I can't tell you how many times I've seen an author talk about their book all excitedly but then never ever share a link with anyone.

Carry cards with your book cover and ordering information on it, along with your name, website and email address. If you strike up conversation with someone in real life hand them a card. Word of mouth and friend recommendation is the best way to get books sold. Talk about your book to everyone.

But as Father Luke noted, the best way to sell the most books is to write well and keep doing it. If the books are good, they will eventually catch the attention of a readership and that will grow.

You need professional covers, professional editing, professional formatting and quality descriptions and taglines to entice people to look at the books.

Then, from there, you need reviews. Be willing to give free copies of your book away to several HUNDRED bloggers.... it might seem counterintuitive to you to give away a hundred books, but trust me on this--the reviews are worth it. If you can get 25 reviews, you'll get promoted on Amazon more frequently and might end up in some of their promotional emails. If you can get over 100 reviews, well, you'll spiral from there.

So give it away to those who do reviews in your genre (your genre is important--don't ask romance novelists to review a thriller).... and then... you go back to writing and get the next novel out.

Good luck!

Love and stuff,
~~Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations~~

Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again." James R. Cook


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